Kokology is a fun activity that lets you know your friends and yourself better. In my previous post: Blue Bird, you were asked to answer a question.

What do you think is the bird’s color on the fifth morning?

  1. It doesn’t change color anymore. It stays black.
  2. The bird returns to its original color (blue).
  3. The bird turns white.
  4. The bird turns golden-colored.

Before we get down to the results, I want to share my answer which was number 3: The bird turns white, which means that I’m cool and decisive under pressure. Personally, I think it’s true. I’m so cool to the point that people think I’m not a real human with “feelings”.

So, without further ado, the results:

The bird that flew into your room seemed like a symbol of good fortune, but suddenly it changed color, making you worry that happiness would not last. Your reaction to this situation shows how you respond to difficult and uncertainty in real life.

Untitled design.png

1. It stays black.

People that answered “the bird doesn’t change color, it stays black” tend to have a pessimistic outlook. Do you have a tendency to believe that once a situation goes bad, it never really returns to normal?

2. It turns back to blue.

People that answered “the bird returns to its original color (blue)” are practical optimists. They know that life is a mixture of good and bad moments and it doesn’t pay to fight against that reality.

3. It turns white.

People that answered “the bird turns white” are cool and decisive under pressure. They don’t waste time on worrying and being indecisive, especially when a crisis develops. When the situation gets too bad, they cut their losses and look for another route to the goal rather than get bogged down in unnecessary grief.

4. It turns golden-colored.

People that answered “the bird turns golden-colored” can be described as fearless. They don’t know the meaning of pressure and they think of every crisis as an opportunity. However, the line between fearless and foolhardy is very thin.

What was your result? Was it accurate? Did you discover something new about yourself?

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