Everyone has a list. This is mine. It’s based on the TV series that I’ve seen and liked. If an awesome TV series didn’t make this list, it’s most probably because I’ve never seen it.

1. Game of Thrones (2011-ongoing)

The Game of Thrones is arguably one of the most popular television series ever made; it’s an adaptation of a series of fantasy novels written by George R.R. Martin.

Genre: Fantasy/Drama

Seasons: currently 6 (as of April 2016)

Why I like it: Mainly because of the well-developed characters, interesting story line and shocking twists. Gore, violence, nudity, sex and a lot of disturbing themes (if the aforementioned aren’t disturbing enough already) such as dominicide, patricide, magic, etc. If you’re not enticed by such themes then this series is definitely not for you.

Downside: People die. Mostly people you root for.


If you’re already a fan of the Game of Thrones, you might want to check out another favorite of mine “The White Queen” based on Philippa Gregory’s novel series “The Cousins’ War“.


2. How to Get Away with Murder or HTGAWM (2014-ongoing)


How to Get Away with Murder is one of the series I look forward to most. The series and its cast has gotten a lot of recognition and awards.

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Drama

Seasons: currently 2 (as of April 2016)

Why I like it: A season of HTGAWM has one big murder and all the events leading to it. It’s like one big puzzle, with each piece revealed in every episode. Aside from the pacing, story line and twists, I like the complex and intelligent protagonists. If interesting conversations don’t turn you on, they also have nudity, sex scenes and court drama.

Downside: The hottest one is gay (unless you’re into that sort of stuff then there is no downside for you!).

If you’re already a fan of How to Get Away with Murder, you might also like Pretty Little Liars.


3. Sherlock (2010-ongoing)

Sherlock is a British crime drama TV series based on Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Genre: Crime/Suspense/Mystery/DramaSherlock-BBC-poster-1.jpg

Seasons: currently 3 and a Special (as of April 2016)

Why I like it: Sherlock Holmes has been adapted, re-imagined and explored in a lot of different ways; and so far, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have succeeded in portraying the most believable Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Their creative takes on the cases and their characters, often geniuses as well, are some of the things I look forward to in every episode.

Downside: They literally take forever to release a new episode/season.

If you’re a fan of Sherlock or you’re still waiting for the 4th season due to be released on 2017, you might like Elementary (another Sherlock Holmes adaptation set in New York).


4. Suits (2011-ongoing)

Suits is the story of Mike Ross, a genius college dropout, who lands a job at a law firm, working for Harvey Specter. There are a lot of courtroom drama TV series but Suits is my favorite because of its quirky humor and pop culture references.

Genre: Legal Drama

Seasons: currently 5 (as of April 2016)

Why I like it: Office politics, office romance and law firms are fascinating to me. Power plays and loyalties: principles and ethics. I also like the complex characters (all intelligent, since they’re all working in a law firm) and their convictions.

Downside: For people so smart, some of them make the lousiest decisions.


If you’re already a fan of Suits, another series that I recommend is Psych. It’s full of pop culture references and witty humor.


5. Empire (2015-ongoing)


The show is a drama surrounding the family of a fictional music company named Empire. The TV series has songs from Timbaland and a lot of other artists.

Genre: Music/Drama

Seasons: currently 2 (as of April 2016)

Why I like it: Power, money, fame and music are some of the key themes in the series. I love the soundtrack and witty exchanges between characters. It’s a very “ghetto” setting and it’s a fresh perspective on family and everything that comes with having a successful music career. Special shout out to my ultimate idol Taraji P. Henson playing Cookie Lyon.

Downside: One of the protagonists, Lucius Lyon, is a manipulative asshole who knows no loyalty to anyone.

Alternatively, if musicals suit your taste, you can watch Glee.


6. Marvel’s Agent Carter (2015-ongoing)


Marvel’s Agent Carter follows Captain America’s love, Peggy Carter at an age when being a woman is only suited for domestic care.

Genre: Fantasy/Drama

Seasons: currently 2 (as of April 2016)

Why I like it: I love the series because of the main character. Peggy Carter is a strong female protagonist that is neither thirsty for attention nor scared of doing the right thing. She is a post-modern woman with principles and ethics stuck in the period of rampant sexism.She’s a smart and strong woman with a British accent! What’s not to like?

Downside: Sexism in large doses.

Alternatively, you can watch Agents of SHIELD.


7. Mr. Robot (2015-ongoing)


One of the more controversial modern TV series ever made. Sex, violence and drugs are some of the R-18 themes in the show.

Genre: Science Fiction/Drama/Thriller

Seasons: currently 1 (as of April 2016) confirmed for 2nd season

Why I like it: The first-person monologue is a beautiful in itself. The prevalence of mental health disorders and drug abuse; as well as the manifestation of dissociative identity disorder (a mental disorder I’m very familiar with). Hacking, wrecking havoc, making bad decisions. What’s not to like?

Downside: Very disturbing. Could make you change the way you view society and certain things.

If you like smart, drug-related shows, you can check out Breaking Bad.


8. Once Upon a Time (2011- ongoing)


Once Upon a Time is a show that features fairy tales with a modern-day twist. Characters you may have loved in your childhood turned into real-life people.

Genre: Fantasy/DramaGRIMM-bluray-TV-series-season1

Seasons: 5 (as of April 2016)

Why I like it: The general plot is seamlessly added into timeless tales. The twists are believable enough and the stories are compelling enough to inspire you to watch more of their episodes. Aside from the classics, they’ve added “modern” fairy tales like Frozen’s Elsa and Anna.

Downside: it asks too much from your “suspension of disbelief”. Some of the stories seem forced into the main story line.

If you enjoy OUT or OUaT, you might also like Grimm.

9. Unreal (2015-ongoing)

UnREAL is a TV series about a reality TV show. However, quite ironically, it’s more real than anything I’ve ever seen on TV so far.


Genre: Drama

Seasons: 1 (as of April 2016) confirmed for 2nd season

Why I like it: Sex, nudity and real-life issues such as mental health problems, family concerns and insecurity. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking show that deals with issues, especially concerning relationships and the female psyche, you’re at the right place.

Downside: The main character is brilliant but a kind of emotional wreckage who makes really bad decisions. +drama

If UnReal isn’t your cup of tea (or even if it is), Limitless is a good show too. Less drama, more insanity.


10. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000-2015)


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is not as recent as the aforementioned TV series in this list but I believe that it takes credit for being one of the most notable TV shows I’ve had the honor of watching. I was such a big fan of the entire series that I wanted to be a forensic analyst when I grew up.

Genre: Crime/Drama/Mystery

Seasons: 15 (ended last September 27, 2015)

Why I like it: Where do I begin? You could say that it was both a trend-setter and a game-changer. CSI opened doors to a lot of dramas in the same genre. Aside from that, it gave fresh perspective on what a crime drama should look like. I might be giving it too much credit since I was 12 when I first watched it. Cameo from Taylor Swift yey.

Downside: There’s a pattern you learn about in the course of watching so many episodes.

A similar crime drama that got me hooked was a show called Criminal Minds.


What did you think about my list? What are some of your favorite TV series that I missed?

Comment them below!