I’m taking a break from all the serious and angst posts to talk about Peenoise. I neither like nor dislike these particular types of players since, let’s face it, Peenoise make Dota 2 fun and, more often than not, more stressful than necessary.

Before I begin, I would like to say that this post for entertainment purposes and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Although being butt-hurt is part of the Peenoise Code of Conduct, let’s not take it outside of the Dota 2 arena.

Definition of Peenoise

Dota 2 players know what a Peenoise is. Prior to clicking the title to this blog post, most Southeast Asian players know about the infamous breed that plague the Dota community.

The word Peenoise is a creative combination of “pee”+”Pinoy (Filipino)“+”noise”; it’s used to describe individuals who are extremely toxic, usually found in the Southeast Asian (SEA) server. It’s catchy and it’s discriminatory, but I find no offense in being called one.

Common Misconceptions

Not all Filipinos are Peenoise, although we are the inspiration behind the moniker. There are a lot of Filipinos who  have excellent game sense.

Not all Peenoise are Filipinos; some are Malaysian, Indonesians, Singaporeans. If you have the spirit of toxicity, you are a proud member of the family. ❤

How to be Peenoise (part 1)

How to act during the picking phase/hero selection:

  1. Type “tangina mo” in all-chat before hero selection/while people are connecting to the game.
  2. Peenoise are pro at Dota so they never pick support because, let’s face it, everyone is at the mercy of their awesome carrying skills.
    a. Pick mid or feed.
    b.If four teammates already pick carry, fifth pick carry that cannot adjust to utility/support; who needs warders when you got really pro carry?
    c. Pick carry or feed. Why bother playing a game when the most pro player is just support?
    d. Last pick? Ping and pick jungler. Let the first pick off-lane Wind Ranger adjust. You’re the better player anyway.
  3. Peenoise have really sharp game sense so they can predict the outcome of the game, even before it starts!
    a. Type GG stupid pick even when only one or two heroes have been picked.
    b. Type GG after doing (1.b.) because, well, it’s the other four players’ fault for picking carries! Everyone knows you’re the best player!
  4. Peenoise play any carry, even one that has already been hard-countered.
    a. If enemy plays Magina, Nyx and Invoker, pick Medusa. Who cares if Medusa is mana-dependent? Even though Magina has mana drain, Nyx Assassin has mana burn and Invoker has mana removal (EMP), pro Medusa will carry.
    b. Theories about counter-picks and anti-heroes are not true! A true pro would first pick Medusa even if it means that the opponent has a chance to shut down the hard carry. There’s no way it’s the pro’s fault. If lose because first pick hard carry, it’s the supports’ fault for not planting wards!
    c. A true pro will never counter-pick. If the opponent picks Medusa first, don’t counter him. If lose because
  5. Peenoise don’t need to listen to teammates pinging their role/lane because they don’t know anything anyway.
    a. If someone pings mid, ping mid too. Never ping safe lane unless you already picked an irrefutable hard carry (Magina/Spectre/Medusa/Traxex) that could never be mistaken as support.
  6. A Peenoise can be unnecessarily toxic even before the game starts because he is the Chosen One who will carry the game. Who cares if teammates don’t want to support or be cooperative?
  7. Practice on an unfamiliar hero and try new meta in Ranked MMR. Let’s face it, you’re the best player there is. It doesn’t matter what hero you use.
    a. Say “trust me” when someone questions your decision.
  8. Ping all lanes to confuse your teammates.
  9. Accuse someone else of being Peenoise.
  10. Start a fight with someone, preferably the top MMR, so that they have poor performance in-game.

The Peenoise-loving public have spoken. I know I said I’ll feature the best but I’m too lazy to choose from any of them. #peenoise


Thank you to everyone who contributed their ideas and took the time to comment their tip.

In Part 2, I’ll teach you how to be Peenoise during the Laning Phase. Let’s promote the gaming culture that the SEA server is best known for. ❤

Are there any Peenoise pre-game behavior I missed? Share this with your Peenoise friend! Do you have any tips for being Peenoise during laning phase? Comment them below!

Remember: Although being butt-hurt is part of the Peenoise Code of Conduct, let’s not take it outside of the Dota 2 arena. Cheers!