February is considered the Love Month but unfortunately, some people have so much hate that they say such horrible things just a few days after Valentine’s day.

I don’t usually comment on politics and stuff but I just really feel strongly about this topic.

In an interview regarding same-sex marriage, boxing icon Manny Pacquiao had this to say: “Common sense lang. Nakita ka ba ng any animals na lalake sa lalake o babae sa babae? Mas mabuti pa yung hayop, marunong kumikilala kung lalake o lalake, babae babae. Oh diba? Ngayon kung lalake sa lalake o babae sa babae eh mas masahol pa sa hayop ang mga tao?

Translation: It should be common sense. Have you ever seen animals that mate male to male or female to female? The animals are then more sensible, knowing the difference between male (or male), female (or female). Right? Now if men will (mate/marry) men or women will (mate/marry) women, then are humans worse than animals?

There is a context that I want to point out for those that don’t speak Filipino. Masahol doesn’t not only mean “worse” like “bad, worse, worst”; masahol means that it’s the lowest of the lows, similar to scum but not just any scum, the most scum of them all. More than “worse/worst/scum”, masahol means that particular person is void of any morality or conscience. That adjective is reserved for criminals that do really inhumane things like raping babies or killing parents.

Why am I bothered? I’m married and it’s not to a woman, this comment should not have impact on me right?

I am part of the LGBTQ community. I am a bisexual, and although views like these do not directly affect me; they bother me so much for the following reasons:

  1. This is coming from someone who wants to run for a Senatorial position in our country. Ignorance in the Senate is not something our broken country needs. We need thinkers and people with compassion (or even intelligence).
  2. Religious people actually think his opinion is okay. Like, seriously.
  3. This kind of backward thinking is rampant in the Philippines. So rampant. So so so so so rampant. I cannot even.
  4. They think this bigotry has a deity’s blessing. If I were a God, who created people in my image, I wouldn’t want them to be judging other people. How would that look on me?
  5. How is this okay? How is saying things like “worse than animals” okay? These are human beings with feelings. I know a lot of wonderful gay people who are such a contribution to society.
  6. Manny Pacquiao is a gambler and womanizer. He’s not in the position to judge others, especially those who are just minding their own business and wanting to be happy.

Again, how is this okay, Christians? If your Jesus were alive, would he be pleased with these words? He who accepts prostitutes and tax collectors (equivalent of thieves/ politicians) with open arms?

He apologized but only for those who “got hurt” by his comment. He is neither sorry for calling those who want to experience same-sex marriage “masahol”, nor is he sorry for his backward views.

This man is a hero to many. A lot of people look up to him and respect him because of his contribution to boxing, but that’s one thing… Bigotry is something that shouldn’t be tolerated. People should open their eyes, minds and hearts. This isn’t Christianity, Manny. It’s hypocrisy.

I don’t care if you’re against gay marriage. You should never degrade people just because you don’t like the way they love.