In the beginning of February, I had so many things planned and I’ve been really displeased with myself. Love 2016, albeit pre-planned, didn’t really get across the things I wanted to get across. I have done self-diagnosis and I think that I may have Writer’s Block or Writer’s Slump.

You might think “wait what?”


I’m sure this phenomenon is not uncommon. A lot of writers, talented or otherwise, have gotten writer’s block once or twice in their lives. The problem with my writer’s block is that I know what to write about, but I just can’t seem to articulate the right words.

So, right now I’m just collecting drafts until I’m inspired to write again. If I never get serendipity, I might just double the number of drafts or produce sub-standard posts.


I think I could have done better with Love 2016, but it was Valentine’s day and I didn’t want to skip a re-launch of an ancient tradition.

After a series of self-assessments, I’ve figured out what’s wrong with me; but I also know that I have no way of fixing this so I’ll just roll with whatever happens next.

Or I should just buy a new pen.

Any suggestions on how I can overcome this predicament?