Team Secret is coming. ESL One Manila hype is back, boys!

When ESL One Manila was announced, the VIP tickets sold out almost instantly (less than a week). Sometime after, around a month or so, Valve made an announcement that Manila was going to be the venue for the Spring event.


I already bought plane tickets (and event tickets) for the ESL One Manila but the announcement of Manila Majors in June completely crapped up my system. This is the first time ever that Valve chose Philippines (and I doubt they’ll do so after another year or two, since there are other places they can hold events in) and I’ve always wanted to go to The International ever since it started!

I made a table!

ESL or Manila Majors

I guess I can say that I’m blessed enough to have second-world problems like these but I’m trying to adhere to my leisure budget limit.

Puppey’s presence in ESL One Manila would really make a difference because:

  1. I’ve been a fan of Puppey and KuroKy since the time that I was introduced to them in my Gosugamers junior editor days. They were some of the professional players that the Gosugamers Templars consulted and I’ve always admired how much they cared about the community. I stalked their posts and I’ve been a big fan of them both ever since.
  2. Puppey is bae.
  3. It’ll be the first time that Philippines-based Filipinos (who haven’t been to other international events) can see him face to face.

Aside from that, Team Secret is one of the best top Dota 2 teams today.

The VIP tickets that people have panic-sold at php 4,500 (around $95) from the original price php 5,000 (around $105) have regained its value, and now people are panic-buying again much like the first time the tickets were released.

Hype. Died down. Hyped again. Philippines events are always full of surprises.

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Are you watching ESL One Manila on April? What are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments below!