I originally stumbled upon this Kokology Personality Test from a blog that I follow, plotlessone. Go check out his site as well.

First of all, thank you to everyone who commented on the Kokology test! If you want another one, I can create another post you can answer on. So much fun!

Before I reveal the answer key, I’ll show you the post that I responded to. The post can be seen here, to which I commented:


A few days later, he created a post with the answer key:


So basically, this is the key to the Kokology test:

“The height of fence”

The height of the fence you imagined around the field is a measure of your own level of self-control and resistance to sexual temptation. The higher the fence, the more sexually-guarded you are.

“Number of berries”

The number of berries you said you would steal is the number of people you can believe yourself to be in love with at any given time. If you said you’d quit after eating just one, you’re likely to be faithful in your own love life as well. Those who’ve had double digits should check their libido.

“The excuses you made”

The excuses you made to the farmer represents the way you’d defend yourself if you got caught having an affair. What was your excuse?

“The taste of berries”

The way you described the experience and the taste of the berries gives an indication of how you imagine yourself feeling when looking back on a past affair.

My Input on Personality Tests

It’s not perfect science but I find Kokology, like a lot of other personality tests to be truly insightful. I resist the urge to cheat in any personality tests (I don’t know why people cheat but I understand that people often do) because I find that they are helpful in revealing things that are true about me.

In the 16 personality types test, I’m an INTJ. I have great appreciation for the people who have created studies and theories for the general public to be more informed and aware about themselves.

I’m going to let you guys check out your answer and match it with the answer key.

I hope you like what you find out! Let me know in the comments section below if you’d like recommendations on other personality tests!