There are a lot of fun things in the internet today and I’m happy that Facebook has acquainted me with one of them.


A lot of the food places that I visited such as Wasted Chef and El Taquito were Facebook discoveries. I realize that one of the key ways to get people interested in your business/website is to maintain a well-managed social media page (or have a sponsored ad in Facebook).


NeonMob is a worldwide network of creators and designers, where people design original trading card series. Basically you can collect and submit. Other artists/illustrators (including you, dear talented one) create random series of any genre. If I were a beginner artist and I wanted some place to showcase some of my illustrations (and have some fun), this would be one of the best places to start!

Aside from the interesting illustrations already available, I’m super psyched to save up for my own PC and create my own stuff. Which reminds me, I should probably write a post about said goals so that I have a checklist I can run to at the end of a year or two.


I won’t keep you from the fun any longer. Check it out and if you don’t have an account already, click here to make one and don’t forget to add me so we can start trading!

Let me know if you enjoyed opening the sets as much as I did in the comments below! What are some of the awesome stuff you found in the Internet lately?