It’s the love month and I’m going to do a slight recap about everything that happened in January and a brief introduction on the things I have planned for my blog this month.

So after all the introductory posts for my main features: Grae Area, Pseudoscience 101 and Overthinking 101, I will be adding more insanity. Shout out to my new followers and friends!

Last January was particularly awesome, starting with Blogging 101 and ending with a Blogger Recognition Award. Everything in between was a roller coaster ride and I’m happy for all the e-mails and sweet comments/messages. Thank you for the love! I’m still working on the other pages but all the content writing is keeping me busy.

I introduce the First Edition of my 20-Day Blog Challenge, which can be done on any Social Media platform as well:2

If you do decide to do this challenge, please link your blog in the comments below or link this post in your blog ( so I can check it out!

Grae Area between Vengeance and Forgiveness parts 4 and 5 are coming up in a few days. I’m planning to upload everything between the Writing 201 assignments and 20-Day Blog Challenge. Should be fun, right?

On February 14, Valentine’s day, I’m planning to do a special post about Love. It’s been a tradition since high school and even though I lost every essay I’ve ever written, I haven’t lost hope that I can still write a good one.

If there’s anything you want me to write about, let me know in the comments section below! Happy reading!