A part 2.5 of the Grae Area series but a standalone Pseudoscience post. If you’re confused about everything that’s going down, I suggest you check out part 1 and part 2. This is not exactly part 3 since I’m not going to talk about vengeance or anything, just viral conditions and medicines.

Why is this Pseudoscience? Because I have classified people like her as a virus. This is going to be one of those long posts that don’t really make sense until you lie down in bed and think about it some more. Should be fun.

I know that grammatically-speaking, Wannabe Homewrecker sounds more appropriate. But just leave me to my HWW rather than WHW abbreviation. I want more emphasis on the homewrecker part.

Homewrecker Virus

Introduction on Virus

I’m getting carried away with the graphic stuff because I’m so passionate about this post. It’s an opportunity to practice my career in Pseudoscience! Such a dream come true! Let’s bring on the microscopes and take a look at the characteristics of this particular virus. But before anything else, let’s have the definition:


If you’re particularly nerdy, you can check out this link about Virus, because this is where I did most of my research and just to poke fun about this particular subject.

So, basically, viruses are named after what they can do and I decided to name this particular person (or group of people with the same modus operandi) the Homewrecker Wannabe Virus, scientific name walang ibang magawa sa buhay kundi subukang manira ng relasyon ng ibang tao kasi may issues sa sarili. If you’re a non-Filipino, I’m sorry if you can’t get the joke.

Do I immediately classify a particular person as a virus? Of course not. But this is not the first of its kind that I’ve encountered it, I lost someone dear to this kind of virus but I vowed to myself never again.

Later in this post, I’ll teach you how to spot one and how to disinfect your relationships from said virus.

If at some point in this post, you get irritated or upset, you should check the mirror and find out why that is. This is a post meant to entertain and educate, if you relate to it on a more personal level and you think it’s about you or people like you, then congratulations you’re a virus that can read!

The HWWV (Homewrecker Wannabe Virus)

I was seventeen or eighteen when I first found a virus from this particular form. Back then, I was an ill-equipped, wide-eyed college girl who thought that all girls minded their own business. Sincerity was something that I thought was the default in people.

I had a boy friend then. I loved him so much (don’t we all love our boy friends?) but I lost him to this particular virus.

I did a post-mortem on our relationship and decided that I was at fault. The important thing to note about the HWW Virus is that at any given time, they can make it the fault of the host. Technically speaking, if you have a real virus in your body and your immune system is up and running, you won’t even notice it’s there… but when your immune system (the trust, loyalty, basic foundations of a relationship) is down, that’s when things turn ugly.

So I made this pretty illustration, because I discover that people like pictures so much:

The Modus Operandi (1)

The reason why I named the Virus a Homewrecker Wannabe is because chances are the modus operandi doesn’t work, aside from that, true Homewreckers don’t go through the trouble of befriending the girlfriend. So yeah, wannabe.

The scary thing about this kind of virus is when your relationship does, in fact, go into shambles because of all the mind-games and lies created by the virus, your relationship wasn’t that strong to begin with. Or even if it were strong, the past unresolved issues could be used to erode it.

You can never blame the virus for doing what it does. It’s a virus after all, it can’t help itself.

The human, however, the person that pretended to be a friend and turned out to be some HWWV, I can only forgive to a certain point (which I will discuss in part 3 of Grae Area between Vengeance and Forgiveness), since she almost cost me my 7-year marriage. What kind of “friend” does that?

Good thing our relationship foundation is strong and we somehow made it past that stage. The friendships though, I can’t be too sure.

The funny thing is that the virus thrives on drama and a twisted idea of credibility. When she’s been found and eliminated from the relationship, she goes into other relationships (workmates, relatives, friends from other places) to discredit you. She can’t have you telling other people she’s a virus, now can she? After all, how else is she going to infect other relationships if someone goes declaring that she’s a virus?

She even goes as far as telling that you were the one who pinned the blame on her and she had nothing to do with it. The virus never has anything to do with it. A virus that brings about cold and flu are only called flu virus but it never creates the sickness, it’s the lack of a properly-functioning immune system that does it.

But it doesn’t change the fact that:

  1. There was willful infiltration in the relationship. This person likes to know the details and dark secrets so she can use it against you later on when her mission is unsuccessful and she has to start discrediting you to other people (mutual friends).
  2. Most of the things she says aren’t true. She likes to pretend she’s being truthful especially if this person is “a child of God” but she just deceives everyone with different versions and disguises them as “confidential information” or “secrets” so that the good people (her usual targets) are none-the-wiser and if they find out about her lies, they’re the bad ones for telling her “secrets” in the first place.
  3. She never admits to her fault so she’s never really sorry for anything. She starts the conflict by whispering things into each of their ears then denies outright that she ever did it. Even with screenshots and all the proof, she pretends that someone hacked into her Facebook account or someone used it while she was playing in a shop and forgot to log it out. A pathological liar and probably a sociopath.
  4. She pretends she’s a really good and close friend. So most educated, quiet people are just willing to let it go; and she uses this to her advantage to get to all the mutual friends on her side before the victim starts talking.
  5. She pretends she’s really credible so people would just take her word for it. If the person she’s talking to doesn’t have a full-functioning logical brain and eats up what she just says without considering all the facts, then this person is most likely going to be the next target.

People said that I shouldn’t have interfered with her latest licentiousness since we didn’t really have an issue:

  1. Just because I didn’t post about it in Facebook, doesn’t mean I didn’t suffer emotional darkness because of what she did. I almost left my husband (we have a kid) just because she got itchy and she lied about what she did. I’m sorry if I’m not a drama attention whore like a virus who posts every mundane relationship problem in social media in the hopes of getting sympathy and knights in shining armor.
  2. Who are you to say that there wasn’t an issue? You don’t even know what really happened. I hope to whatever God you’re praying to that it doesn’t happen to you.
  3. She keeps on lying. I was fine with putting it to rest after my husband and I patched things up but after hearing countless lies and more relationships being infiltrated, I knew I had to voice out.
  4. I let it go at the time she almost ruined my 7-year marriage because I thought she wasn’t worth the trouble (and my husband and I patched up after a few months of destructive darkness meaning suicidal tendencies, alcohol binge drinking and occasional emotional outburst), but after hearing from all her other “victims”, people she previously discredited when we were still friends, I knew that I just had to do something about it.
  5. My family and close friends know what really happened so who the fuck do you fucking think you are? Who. Do. You. Think. You. Are? My close friends didn’t stop me because they knew what really happened. Who are you to tell me what’s right or wrong? Were you there when I cried for nights and almost wanted to go to Manila and start anew?
  6. Wives are scary. Keep that in mind when you try snatching someone else’s husband. ^_^

She apparently denied about everything even after all the print screens, evidences and testimonies. She never confronted me even when I told her I was open to talking about it. She escaped, made stories about me, lied to me, lied about me, tried to discredit me (to some extent lol let’s face it, she’s got little credibility) and tried to make herself a victim.

Can you blame my anger? No? Then that’s because you’re either a pushover or a virus (and you like sympathizing with your sisters) or single or just a downright immoral person. In which case, have a nice life stranger!

“Homewrecker, you deserve a family of your own. Equipped with 2 kids, a dog, a beautiful house and don’t forget your HUSBAND’S MISTRESS!” -Anonymous

No names were mentioned, in case you were trying to say that I’m guilty of defamation. I’m just stating facts.

I appreciate everyone who has been very supportive and understanding through this ordeal. It’s okay. I’m okay. I just needed to put this somewhere so people understand what really happened. Thank you for all the concern, love, support and understanding. I’m fine now.

Part 3 is coming with lesser angry outburst. I partly apologize for the language. ^_^ Partly because I’d still cuss whenever I want and it’s my blog. Thanks for the view!

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