As part of Blogging 101 Day 13, we were told to check out the Community Events Listings and choose an event that we liked. I chose Write Anything Wednesday because, well, it’s a Wednesday post anyway. Welcome to Gama Rae’s Pseudoscience 101.

I have been meaning to make a Community event for the entire month of February (29 days of love) in honor of the Love Month but alas Procrastination is too strong of a vice.

Okay, I’m being dishonest. Today is actually a Monday but this post was intended for last Wednesday. I’ve lagged behind Blogging 101 due to some real-life laziness and Dota 2 games (I’m trying to get my MMR up to 5k, with no luck!). Today, I will share a piece of my overworked and crazy brain as punishment for my misdemeanors. I’m not sure whether the punishment is yours or mine but just read on if you wish.

Pre-Pseudoscience Talk

An important person (to me) once told me that whenever I feel like I’ve lost all hope, take a look at a picture of the Milky Way. The Earth, our entire existence, histories, cultures and basically everything is barely a speck in the vast Universe. When you realize that you are that small, you’ll realize that whatever you’re going through isn’t so bad and most probably won’t matter in a few year’s time.

That time, I just thought “If you think no one cares, look at the stars. They probably don’t, either. hehehehehe” But I understood his point. It was just one of those moments that I didn’t really appreciate until a few months later when I thought about it again.

I remember this person hated pseudoscience but I shall begin a pseudoscience ramble and perhaps just feel the wrath of Einstein’s ghost afterwards. Pseudoscience 101 will make you wonder why you even clicked on the post even when you have been forewarned (via featured image) that it’s going to contain a lot of crazy talk and a wall of text. You have officially been warned.

Star or Planet-

To be a Star or a Planet

I start my pseudoscience talk with the belief that you have a choice to become either a star or a planet. A leader or a follower. An innovator or an imitator. A proactive or a reactive.

I know that the problem with this comparison is that planets and stars are not equals. They are not made from the same materials; unlike humans that have the same bones, muscles and skin. However, to a certain extent, not all humans are equals either. Some were born into poverty and some had silver spoons in their mouths. Some have racial, cultural, geographical, psychological, physiological advantage over others… Well, you get the point.

A star is a giant luminous sphere of plasma held together by its own gravity. A planet is an astronomical object orbiting a star or a stellar remnant (with conditions, which I will not expound on because I just got the definition from Wikipedia and I am by no means an Astronomer). A star is defined by itself and a planet is defined by its star (or stellar remnant).

What am I getting at?

I think that the way people behave determine whether they want to stand out or fit in but the great irony is that those that stand out do their best to fit in, while those who fit in try to stand out. Both groups often fail at both attempts because a star can never be a planet and a planet can never be a star.

This is where things will start to sound horoscope-y.

The Planet

Have you ever met someone and all you can remember is that he/she is someone’s friend? A person whose existence is entirely based upon who his/her parents/relatives/friends/acquaintances are? Someone who blends well in the crowd and knows how to get his/her way with others? That, to me, is a planet. A person who meshes well with the norms and understands the workings of the social hierarchies and whatnot.

Being a planet is not a bad thing. You get along with a lot of people and you understand how to get things done. You are easy to be around and most people don’t get insecure or threatened by your presence. You have a lot of friends (quantity over quality) but you don’t really know which ones are there for you when you’re down so you hide your problems a lot.

The Star

Have you ever met someone who’s really passionate about something? He/she has that glow in his/her face and that spark in his/her eyes when he/she talks about his/her favorite hobby or sport or artist? He/she knows exactly what he/she wants to do with his/her time and seems to understand himself/herself and his/her interests. That, to me, is a star. A person who doesn’t necessarily understand the workings of social hierarchies but has enough passion and talent to not need to be part of any social hierarchy.

Being a star is not a bad thing. You may not get along with a lot of people but the ones you get along with are mostly stars in their own right. A lot of people follow you but distance once they get too close (they get burned). You have little real friends (quality over quantity) but a lot of people want to be around you.


This is part 1 of my Stars and Planets Pseudoscience talk. I’ll write more parts when I feel like it or when I get requests to do more Pseudoscience posts.

Like this post? Do you have a suggestion on what I should talk about next? Leave some comments below and let me know what you think!