As part of Blogging 101 Day 12, we were assigned to look into other blogger’s Daily Prompt post. I had stumbled across The Eighth Sin and wrote Hypocrisy as the newest member of the Capital Vices.

We were tasked to read six of the Daily Prompt posts and comment on at least two of them. So I checked out what other bloggers had to say on the subject: Procrastination, Intentional Stupidity, Living Beyond Your Means, Schadenfreude, Food Wastage and Laughter.

I liked all the posts. Intentional Stupidity and Laughter used the humorous approach while Living Beyond Your Means and Food Wastage were more serious. The posts that had a place in my heart were Procrastination and Schadenfreude.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved every single one of them. Each post was unique and well thought out, however I had to agree with the “sin-ness” of Procrastination and Schadenfreude (the happiness in someone else’s misfortune); and I’m happy I learned new words in the process.

I love it when people do what they really love. ♥

If you want to share your Eighth Sin post with me, comment it down below! If you have a Blogging University post that you think I should have a look at, share it with me!