As part of Blogging 101 Day 11, we were assigned to do a Daily Prompt post. I randomly stumbled upon the topic: The Eighth Sin. I’m super excited to write about this since I’m a big fan of the Seven Deadly Sins (please notice me senpai!) and I’ll be ever so honored to add an Eighth one into the mix!

I looked it up and there are actual sins classified as “historical sins” which are Vainglory (Vanity) and Acedia (Melancholy/Sadness) so I will not be including these because that would be cheating.

An interesting trivia I learned, during my brief Wikipedia tour, is that the Seven Deadly Sins are the counter-parts of Seven Virtues. Lust for Chastity, Gluttony for Temperance, Greed for Charity, Sloth for Diligence, Wrath for Patience, Envy for Kindness (I personally think it should be Contentment) and Pride for Humility.

Following the train of thought, I will introduce my eighth deadly sin which is Hypocrisy, the dark side of Honesty (Self-awareness). I love it when things sound super legit!



Let’s say you have a married friend who spouts Bible verses and talks about salvation and God like there’s no tomorrow. Then the next day, you bump into said friend at a strip club, enjoying the company of one of the strippers. You hear him mentioning that he’s even planning to take one of them out.

The difference between actions and words is what defines hypocrisy. Had he not been a Bible-thumping person, there would have been nothing wrong with him frequenting strip bars. Okay, he was still married and it’s still wrong per se but if a person claims to be of higher moral standard then doing things that are considered immoral such as cheating and adultery is hypocrisy at best.

The problem I have with hypocrites is that they preach yet do not act their doctrine.

We all become hypocrites at some point in our lives. We sometimes do things we swore would never do and we go against our better judgment. However, the worst part about hypocrites is they judge, chastise and condemn people who are guilty of the same things they are.

I remember a friend who once told me I was a difficult person to be with so she didn’t want anything to do with me. That may be true (I have enough self-awareness to know I’m a difficult person) but she never took a look at herself before pointing her fingers at me. I may be a difficult person but the reason she never felt she was a difficult person was because I adjusted so much (my schedule, my likes, my preferences) just to get along with her. I didn’t like any of her friends yet I hung out with them because she liked them. Because, well, that’s what friends do.

I also remember an instance with woman who was both a mistress and a homewrecker (estranged the husband from the first wife) who accused me of having extra-marital relations. The irony is that she was allegedly a Christian who attended prayer meetings, daily masses and talked like she had pious authority. But that’s the funny thing with hypocrites, the irritating double standard is so deadly that they begin to form their own delusions about the world around them.

Hypocrites do not tolerate certain behavior that they themselves exude and that holds the biggest irony of all. Attention-seeking people hate attention-seeking people. I know a person who says that “well, she’s beautiful because of makeup”, not considering that she herself was wearing makeup at that time. I know a girl who said that she was so sad her boyfriend cheated on her and tells me in the same sitting about her one night stand with another man while her boyfriend was out of town.

If I had to talk about every instance that I noticed hypocrisy, I’d probably take forever so I’ll just leave with this:

“If you have the audacity to judge what people do, make sure your hands are clean and that you never sin even in their absence. There are two kinds of people in this world: the imperfect and the hypocrites. Acknowledge your sins, embrace your humanity.” 

I hope you liked this post. Do you have a Daily Prompt or Blogging 101 exercise you want to share? Just link them in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to check it out!