As part of Blogging 101, we are tasked to become a reader as well. For Day 8, we were assigned to check out four blogs we haven’t visited before and comment on them.

In a previous post, Saying Hello to Neighbors, I said that I was interested in the topics that mainly involved stories. I decided to pick two short stories and two poems for this assignment.

I went over to the Short Story section and picked a few of the titles that seemed compelling.

The first one I liked (and commented on) was What I am Without: A Sonnet, a romantic fictional love affair between an inanimate object and his user.

The second story I checked out was What We Do for the Dead, a melancholic tale about a woman looking after the belongings of her dead mother.

After commenting on both stories, I checked out the Poetry section and chose A Girl with a Suitcase  and Optional Poetry.

Commenting genuine praises that don’t get classified as spam is harder than I thought. To those enrolled in Blogging 101, how did you do on your assignment? If you’d like to participate in Blogging 101, send me an email at