For Day 7 of Blogging 101, we were tasked to personalize our blog even more! I made a header and removed the default “title and tagline” text. I feel so proud of myself.

Before I begin my daily blog post, I would like to thank Canva because it’s a purely amazing site for people who don’t have their own computers/graphic software. It’s supposed to be a trade secret but I like giving credit where credit is due. While we’re on the subject, here’s my Canva profile.

RCAT – Random Crazy Awake Time

Happy sleep day to me! After 39 hours of random crazy awake time, I finally got myself a good 11-hour sleep. During said sleep, I realized the folly of some of my decisions during the RCAT (random crazy awake time) and since this happens often (me being awake for over 24 hours), I will start implementing that shortcut RCAT.

For the record, I do not use drugs (aside from my usual medication/s and vitamins, if they’re considered). My brain choosing to be fully awake and functional for roughly 2 days is purely silliness brought about by overthinking and sadness from my Dota 2 losses. I think too much. Yup. I’m sorry.

Yesterday’s image was inspired by my RCAT. Cheers to RCAT’s and all others RCAT’s to come!


New Temporary Header

So anyway, I wanted to change the look (since I’m not truly satisfied with the output) but just for the sake of the assignment, here’s what I came up with:

Grae Area

I understand that it looks like a coffee shop signage more than anything. There’s a lot more negative space than I anticipated so I’ll probably add a few things later, when I’m not in a lazy mode.

I’ll just leave this here until I decide to change the header for realsies.

Do you have a Blogging 101 challenge? Do you have a suggestion on the “look” of my header? Share it with me below!