For Day 6 of Blogging 101, we were tasked to create an irresistible About Me page. Like I haven’t talked about myself enough already! So I will write my drafts and thoughts here, and my final output will be seen in the actual About Me page.

Mind you, I can’t write a decent statement about me to save a life. Fortunately, no one’s life is at risk and I can take my time (considering that I have a small audience consisting of friends and acquaintances).

I’m actually a little worried it’ll end up looking something like this:

This is Gama.

Kidding aside though, there’s a reason why the About Me page is left blank. Why can’t I just reuse the previous posts like the resourceful *lazy* person that I am?

Give me a month, Blogging U! Help me friends! Give me ideas on what I should write in my About Me page! ^_^