For Day 5 of Blogging 101, we were task to try out different themes and pick the one we love best. I had already tried a lot of themes before I stuck with the current one called Blissful Blog.

Prior to Blissful Blog, I’ve tried several themes until I was satisfied. This narrative might sound like me talking about ex’s so bear with me on this one.

The first theme I tried was the responsive theme called Dyad. It’s a nice theme that utilizes the featured images and featured posts. It’s really nice but unfortunately, since my images aren’t HD (I’m still saving up for a proper DSLR camera), the over-sized (poor-quality) images looked very distracting.

The second theme I tried out was a pretty theme called Twenty Fourteen. While it was a clean and beautiful layout, it was too small for large screens and it was too far on the left (I wanted something more center).

I really wanted to get the Edda theme because of its inherent sepia color (which disappears once you hover your mouse over a section). It’s a really clean and pretty layout, however it doesn’t suit the personality of my blog.

That’s it! Did you participate in Blogging 101? Show me your post about the blog theme. Follow my blog and I’ll follow back! ^_^