This is my first post for Blogging University’s Blogging 101, today’s assignment is an introduction about me.

~Who I am~

My parents named me Gama Rae after the gamma rays or gamma radiation, seemingly prompting me into a personality as unique as my first name. I remember being mistaken for a boy countless times and being told that I was too boyish. I’m used to being different and I’ve embraced my weirdness.

I recall being scared witless that I was never going to fit in. Being unique is both a gift and a curse, and in the Philippines, nonconformity is more of a burden than anything. I started writing down my thoughts and feelings to somehow remind me of where I’ve been and how far I’ve come since that scrawny awkward nerd in grade school.

~Writing is my passion~

I have loved writing and books for as long as I can remember. I was four years old when I started memorizing bedtime stories (my favorite being the Three Little Pigs). I was six when I was introduced to my very first Nancy Drew book and I have devoured books ever since.


When I was eight, I noticed that my essays always had perfect scores. I joined our Journalism Club and various writing contests (as well as academic ones).

High school gave me the most opportunity to shine. I joined all essay writing contests that I could and I ended up as finalist, each time (whether the Essay Writing Contest was in Filipino or English).

During my fourth year, I spent every lunch in internet cafes, with my head in the clouds, writing for fiction sites. Wattpad wasn’t a thing in 2005 (I don’t think it was even founded yet). Fictionpress and FanFiction were my safe places where I unleashed a lot of inner cravings and desires. Due to this, I will not disclose my accounts (haha) because I’d die of embarrassment. But, just for fun, if you happen to find (both FP and FF accounts) and comment them below, I’d treat you to unlimited chicken wings (but you need to come to Cebu first). Psycho-killers welcome.

~Why Blog Again~

2015 was a particularly hard year for me. I actually have a set of stories saved out in my drafts but my hands can’t work on them fast enough (due to my infamous neuropathy). The hardships of 2015 brought lessons of self-love and self-appreciation from people who truly valued me.

I finally had the courage to try my brand. I was told I have a following and a lot of people admired me for my e-Sports accomplishments in 2014. It’s not much but it’s worth a try.

If you are interested to participate in Blogging University’s Blogging 101, send me an e-mail ( or check out this post.