Note: I only tried the Unlimited Chicken Wings. They have a lot of other food selections in the menu. This place is best enjoyed with chicken wing-loving friends. Always remember that nothing beats trying this place out for yourself.

Prepare to spend: php 199 on Unlimited Chicken Wings & Rice + php 40 Unlimited Iced Tea + php 10/dip (Important reminder: left-over/take-out is at php20/piece) = Around php250 – 300


When you arrive at the venue (located at Tsai Hotel and Residences on the way to Camp Lapu-Lapu in Lahug), make sure to list your name in the reservation. Regardless of where you stand, the name on the queue (list) is the priority. Indicate how many people are joining you for the meal.

In rare cases when you don’t need to list your name (the place is not fully-booked), I would suggest that you sit nearest to the counter (inside) so you can order consecutively and protect yourself from pesky beggars/random strays.

Below is a copy of their old menu (just for reference):


For a party of 4 or more, I suggest you order 2 platters in advance (1 platter all Classic flavored and 1 platter consisting of Chili Wings, Mild Teriyaki and Asian BBQ). Once you have a preferred flavor, order as much of that as you want (keep in mind they have a penalty for leftover chicken wings).


Summary of what I love about the place:

  • Good food. I love the flavors/dip.
  • Iced Tea. It’s unlimited but it doesn’t taste diluted.
  • Simple ambiance. It’s a good place to chill and just hang out/catch up with friends.
  • They serve alcoholic beverages. Although this place attracts people because of the unlimited chicken wings, it also doubles as a drinking venue.
  • Nice seats/tables.

What I don’t like about the place (that doesn’t really matter much because they’re very minor):

  • The strays. Dogs, cats or people sometimes disturb you during meals. Probably hoping that you have leftovers you’re afraid to pay for. The servers do their best to ward off those but the darkest area in the corner is a blind spot to them.
  • Small space. The area is probably all they can manage, considering that they only have a handful of staff.
  • You pay for the dip. I’m such a dip person that I often pay php 20-60 on dip every visit.


  • Bring friends with big appetites. Diet-loving friends won’t make the most of the delicious food they serve.
  • Don’t go there when you’re in a hurry. They have a waiting list, as well as a lot of customers, so you might spend at least an hour there.

That’s it! Let me know if you have any more suggestions!

If there’s a place you want me to try, lemme know in the comments section below!