“No man wants a female competitor on the playing field…
That much is evident…
I’m tired of trying to prove that women are not the weaker players…
Tired of proving that women are as good as men.”

To all the girls who want to succeed in a man’s playing field,
Watch out for the girls who huddle there for the spotlight…
They’ll try to claw your eyes out
When the limelight slowly shines upon you.

They will tell anyone who will listen that you don’t deserve the attention,
Or strip (their pride) just to have their shining moment.
But when you’re strong enough to stand your ground,
You will prevail with your head high and dignity in place.

For girls with their cat claws and high heels sink in the muddy grass
But your sneakers will save you just fine..
It will be a long and tiring fight though
Because girls don’t give up so easily.

Once they sink and fall, they will try to hold on to you
As a final attempt to drag you down.
The men will watch in amusement,
They find nothing more entertaining than girls in a mud fight.

When at long last… after hours, days, months and years…
You’d think your wait is over and you finally have a chance to face men.
They’ll just escort you off the field like the gentlemen that they are
With no chance to compete or show your worth.

After everything that has happened, they assure you another chance..
Another shot to try again.
But you know full well what men’s promises mean
(About as much as a nil.)

In the end you’ll discover no one wants a female competitor on the field…
You’ll eventually get tired of proving that you are not a weak player,
Tired of proving women are just as good as men,
And tired of starting from negative instead of zero.

When all the tears, mud and blood have been wiped off
You try to move on with a heavy heart…
Realizing that playing the field must have been too much to ask
For someone born into as a minority.

Nobody really wants you in the field,
Not the women in their heels, begging for attention;
Not the men in their pretense of superiority.
Both threatened by the challenge you’ve dared to present.

Original Facebook post (September 14, 2010 at 11:40pm)