As part of my Pre-Christmas Blog Challenge (2015 edition), these are four turn-off’s and three turn-on’s:


  1. Arrogance. I get turned off by people who think too highly of themselves (and too lowly of other people)
  2. Being Delusional. Baseless and illogical assumptions make me think twice about being around a person (even as a friend).
  3. Low Comprehension Level.
  4. Being a Bigot/Hypocrite.


  1. Good looks. Nobody falls in love (at first sight) with your good personality.
  2. Intelligence. Common sense and the like since I love conversations more than anything in the world.
  3. High skill level in an area. One area, any area or all areas. If you’re really really good at something, chances are you can attract me with your skill.


I realize that most girls only have “car” in their turn-on list. All of the guys I dated (or am interested in) aren’t that rich. I don’t know why I like substance more than the physical attributes.