As part of my Pre-Christmas Blog Challenge (2015 edition), these are six things I wish I’d never done:

  1. Spending time organizing tournaments and helping Cebu e-Sports. I spent a huge amount of time, patience, sweat and tears on this community and I got nothing for it. I should have used all that time to focus on my gaming skills instead.
  2. Doing free commissions. I know that I do my job really well, but I allowed myself to be exploited.
  3. Helping people who don’t really need help (those who only want attention). I should have distinguished the difference between those who truly needed assistance and those who were just wasting my efforts.
  4. Loving the wrong people. I should have shielded my heart more and prevented myself from getting hurt more often.
  5. Being too generous and kind. There’s a limit to how much of yourself you should be allowed to impart to other people.
  6. Answering questions that should have been ignored (answered with silence).
  7. Not killing people who needed to be killed. They say you regret what you don’t do more than the things you did.