As part of my Pre-Christmas Blog Challenge (2015 edition), these are eight ways to win my heart (not that my dark heart is a good place to be in):

  1. Be my close and true friend. I have a lot of friends but most of them are fake or superficial. Most of the people who befriend me know that I am very generous and caring, and they take advantage of that fact. Be the exception. Show me that you like me for me and not for what I can do for you/give you.
  2. Be yourself. I always meet people who like to pretend they’re someone that they’re not. Be the exception.
  3. Love other people as much as yourself. I like people who are selfless and kind. Thoughtful, loving and caring people make me happy.
  4. Be sincere.
  5. Be nice to me.
  6. Be fair and just.
  7. Treat people of lower status with respect.
  8. Show me your heart. Tell me your secrets/ hopes/ dreams/ fears/ humanity.


Do you have this similar challenge? Comment the link in the comments section and I’ll read yours.