As part of my Pre-Christmas Blog Challenge (2015 edition), these messages will show you a piece of my mind/soul.

  1. To Soul Doctor:
    You call yourself a healer and yet you have caused the most damage in my life. Your pretense of concern for me has caused more harm than good. I have been in a state of endless emotional conflict since childhood and have developed multiple personalities as a result of the irrational and violent physical abuse you inflicted upon me. I don’t hate you because to hate you would have to mean that I love you, and as much as I really want to, I can’t love you anymore. You destroy people who do.
  2. To Wonder Woman:
    I know I don’t say it as often as I should but I love you so much. You are the reason I try my best in everything. I’m sorry I didn’t become the Chemical Engineer you wanted me to be. I hope that my random small accomplishments (though they pale in comparison to yours) made you proud even just a little. You are my inspiration and you encourage me to do good, be good even when the world is filled with darkness. I hope you get all the good things you deserve in life.
  3. To Bella Roblox:
    I am so proud of everything that you are: Smart, kind, thoughtful, giving and just. I hope that you grow up to become a kind of person you can be proud of. I wish you the best in everything and I hope that someday you will be able to do something significant that could help change the world. I love you. Always.
  4. To Pikachu:
    I love you even during the times when I feel like stabbing you with a dull knife. I call you Pikachu because I always chose you. I chose to love you even when I constantly ask myself why I torture myself in this existence. We had so many plans together and you wasted seven years of my patience, love and sacrifice. Now that you’ve turned things around and asked for one last chance, there’s a big ache in my heart. You’ve shown that you love me and you are staying true to your promise. Why didn’t you do any of these sooner? Why did you have to hurt me so bad and break me so much before being the proper partner that you were meant to be? You lost a part of me that you might never be able to get back, but I had always wished that it didn’t happen in the first place.
  5. To Twin:
    Thank you for everything. You know how crazy I get and you put up with a lot of my bad decisions. I’m lucky to have someone like you-Someone I can blindly trust without regret. I know that sort of thing is rare. Please don’t change.
  6. To CDG:
    There’s only one thing I regret: Why I didn’t block you first. What you did to me is something I’m never going to forgive because you were my bestfriend and you did it on my birthday. You know your shortcomings and I’ve been the best bestfriend that anyone could ever ask for. I was tolerant and patient to you but you just had to ruin our friendship over some meaningless crush you have.
  7. To Gamer:
    I’ve always wondered why I’m always there for you (when you need me) and you’re never there for me. You only see me when it’s convenient for you. You call me your bestfriend because, yeah, I’m a really good friend to you. I just wish you valued me more.
  8. To Daily:
    Hi. Please stop being such a goddamn hypocrite. The more you open your mouth, the more I see why you need your God so much.
  9. To GRC:
    When you feel the darkness again, remember all the good things. You have so much to live for. We got this! ^_^
  10. To Serendipity:
    Thank you for teaching me a lot of things. I learned a lot, mostly about myself, during the times you made me feel really sad. I often wonder if any of it  was real but in the end, I have decided to just put the really good memories in a small box and keep it in the darkest corner of my heart. Thinking about those memories made me sad and depressed for a few months but now I can look back on those with happiness. Remember, I was the one who first said that it wouldn’t last. Unfortunately, I was the last one to accept it. I regret nothing yet everything at the same time. I meant every word I ever said.