Even during my Friendster years (2005-2007?), I’ve participated in hundreds of random Challenges that I could never complete. Hopefully, the end of the year will motivate me to start monthly challenges for 2016.


To see the full list, check it out below (I will update the links every time I complete another challenge):

December 17-26 10-day Challenge:

  1. Ten things I want to say to ten different people right now
  2. Nine things about myself
  3. Eight ways to win my heart
  4. Seven things that cross my mind a lot
  5. Six things I wish I had never done
  6. Five people who mean a lot
  7. Four turn-offs
  8. Three turn-ons
  9. Two smileys that describe my life right now
  10. One confession

If you have one of these challenges, feel free to show me the link below! ^_^