Note: Wasted Chef is currently on soft opening. To be fair, I will write another review once they formally open. My experience (good or bad) might just be an isolated incident. Nothing beats trying the place out for yourself. This place is best enjoyed with Pesto-loving friends.

Prepare to spend: php 199/head.

I found out about Wasted Chef because its Facebook fanpage created quite a buzz among Cebuanos. I stalked the page a bit and there were a lot of 5-star reviews so I thought about checking it out for myself.

Wasted Chef is located near Azul, across Asilo dela Milagrosa Church in Gorordo.

The note on their blackboard said that the unlimited stuff started at 6 pm, but upon my arrival (6:45 pm), I was informed that they were still preparing the food and they actually start at 7 pm. I situated myself near their buffet area and waited.

They had enough space to accommodate around 50 people max (there were 40 people including me). As soon as they gave the thumbs up, people rushed to fall in line.


So you fall in line, pay and they gave you utensils and a chopping board-looking plate. Since I was alone and I couldn’t leave my seat (someone might take it), I didn’t get the “best parts” and only got what was left of the storm. I’m happy though that I, at least, got a burger because one of the customers didn’t want ketchup in his (burger) and I’m like “just give me that burger please” (had I not taken it, I would have had to wait for another batch). Later, when I notice that the food they made got taken as soon as they hit the shelf, I just ordered Shawarma instead of waiting for another batch of tomato sauce Pizza (I crie).


For the record, I loved it there. I want to check it out again when it’s officially open. But to be fair, I’ll just list down a bunch of things I observed from my short stay there.

What I love about it:

  • Yummy food. If you’re a fan of Pita, Pesto and Italian cuisine in general, this is the right place for you. They have Pesto Pasta, Pesto Pizza and Pita Burger bun.
  • Homey ambiance. It’s a really chill venue. A place I can imagine hanging out with friends and playing cards in. Drinks nalang kulang, solve nako.
  • Awesome and accommodating staff. I’m very very particular about how people deal with customers and I’m very very happy about how they deal with theirs. Amid the confusion and lack of order (understandable because it’s still on soft opening), their staff are calm and organized.
  • They keep refilling the iced tea. They have good awareness on the moods of the people in the establishment.
  • Worth what you pay for or even more (if you’re attentive enough to get the pizza as soon as it lands in the serving area).
  • Good place to hang out with friends.

What they could improve on (or not since these are just minor things):

  • Space for queuing. Again, I understand that it’s on soft opening.
  • Signage (such as “get Pizza here” or maybe a guide like the one in Pizza Republic)
  • Better iced tea. I’m not sure if it’s normal but to me, their iced tea was kinda bland (like diluted Apple Iced Tea) which had weird aftertaste when combined with their pita.
  • More staff? I observed that their output (food) might not have been as fast as they anticipated even though everyone was very busy.


  • Go to Wasted Chef with friends so you can take turns waiting and ordering food.
  • Go there early so you can situate yourself in a strategic table (the ones nearest to the buffet).
  • Make sure you’re not pressed for time (on break or lunch) because you won’t enjoy your stay.


That’s it! I can’t wait for their official opening! Thanks for reading.

Let me know about your experience at Wasted Chef below!