Davao and Cebu have always played big bet games together, even during DotA (1) days so the latest experience we (Cebu) had from them (Davao) is a really big disappointment. Every time they came to Cebu, we always made sure that they had a smooth experience with regards to Dota 2 bet game schedules, internet cafe usage, bet payments etc. They have never experienced any delays and they always made their flights because we made sure to adjust to their schedule.

When Davao’s Pride won the bet games with Team Precious and Team Nube of Cebu, they got the cash on the spot so we never expected that they would give us hassle regarding payments. After all, why won’t you bring cash to a bet game? Even if we believe our teams are strong, we (Cebuanos) always put into consideration that we might lose since anything can happen during bet games and it’s part of what we agree to. Our latest trip to Davao was not only a big disappointment but a big waste of hard-earned money.

When we (It’s Pro Time/IPT) flew to Davao, we brought 1.5 million php cash (they requested show money because the original agreement was 2 sets of 600-thousand bets. If we lost twice, we’d need to give them over 1.2 million php in cash) just to make sure that we won’t be an inconvenience to them. After delays and a lot of adjustments on our part to accommodate their schedules (even getting a substitute player as mid laner that only had 4 days of practice prior) they suddenly texted 3 hours prior to the match that they can’t bring cash. Of course we were concerned since we could be scammed. It disappointed us because we never did that to them here (in Cebu), every time they came to our city, we always have cash on-hand. Why did that kind of hiccup happen when the bet game was scheduled beforehand (November 27)? So even though that was the case, we went to Mineski to talk to them properly in person. We flew all the way from Cebu and it would be a big hassle on our part if the bet game was canceled at the last minute just because they didn’t bring cash to the venue.

According to the person we set the match with (Nicco Santos), if they lost Friday night (December 4), we would immediately get paid on Saturday (December 5) since he wasn’t able to withdraw from BPI. We trusted him because he assured us that a lot of people in Davao know him and it would be embarrassing for him to ruin his reputation just because of money. We also had an agreement that we would have a second set (rematch) win or lose. When they lost that Friday night (we won with 3-0), he said that they would immediately pay us on Saturday since the money was allegedly with his business partner.


So despite being in another place and having prior commitments in Cebu, we extended our stay in Davao. They had promised that they will pay us for set A prior to set B, however, they kept moving the dates and in the end, no set B happened. We extended our hotel stays, not doing anything productive during Saturday and Sunday, awaiting the payment that was promised to us on Saturday but was supposed to be on-hand last Friday in the first place. That Sunday, I asked him what time he could give us the money so we could book our flights back. The delay in payment was not part of the agreement and the extended stay in Davao was a waste of resources and not part of the schedule. He promised that he would pay on Monday at 2pm so we set our flight at 5pm, however he didn’t show up at 2pm. He showed up at 4pm, knowing that by doing so we would miss our flight (or, at the very least, have to rebook). We consider his actions very rude and inconsiderate.



For a manager of a team called Davao’s Pride, he has shown no pride or integrity in coming up with the 600 thousand cash on time; as well as adhering to the pre-scheduled 2 sets of bet games. We tried reasoning with him and asking for compensation for the inconvenience but as you can see in the print screens above, we no longer received any reply.

Even if he paid the agreed amount, he didn’t adhere to a lot of the other things such as the time (which made us pay over 40k in ticket rebooking charges, as well as extended stay expenses) and second set, which a lot of our friends were looking forward to witness (that’s why they also spent money to come with us).

If Nicco Santos ever contact your team for a bet game, always put in mind that what happened to us could happen to you too.

Peng Mendoza of It’s Pro Time