I’ve always wondered why parents say “drink your medicine religiously”.

Last time I checked, there are at least dozen major religions in the world and a lot of minor ones. There are many “holy books”, where some versions and translations of the same book differ by context. Let’s not forget that religions have different deities and stuff (yeah yeah different “name”, same Almighty Being)

My point is: If religiously meant “to do something regularly” (therefore consistently/without fail); the etymology of the word really falls on its butt on this one. Religion is not really as consistent as one would like. lol

If a doctor tells me to drink my medicine religiously, maybe I should ask “Do you mean I should drink as you prescribed or as often as I do religious stuff?” Like maybe once or twice a week.

P.S: No. This status does not mean I’m open to a religious debate. Religious debaters and Bible verses can just go and drink medicine religiously.

P.P.S: Yes, this is a weird kind of joke if it wasn’t obvious already.