(Reposted from my Facebook)

A friend asked me to react on a post regarding “gamer girl” hate. I think this should be made public because most people added or followed me because of my being a female player. It’s a wall of text too. Oh what fun!

For starters, a lot of close friends call me “gamer girl” for different reasons:
1. They know that it doesn’t bother me. I was born female, if that’s what female gamers are called then so be it.
2. They tease me with it because somehow, despite the obvious (#1), my being a female gamer will always imply that I am to be judged by the actions of several other “gamer girls” and posers.

For the record, I don’t mind being called a “gamer girl”. The same way I don’t mind being referred to as Peenoise. I was born a female Filipino.. I have no control over my gender, heritage or other people’s opinions regarding them so why bother encouraging them into knowing me first before judging me?

The bigger picture:
Asia is a continent of hierarchy. Unlike most continents, elder siblings (as well as younger ones) have titles (kuya, ate, ahia, achi, etc.). Because of this culture, we were programmed at birth to classify people into categories. Usually, people generalize behavior by a certain category.

If most “ate”s (elder sisters) you know are snob and angry most of the time, you would have the conclusion that all “ate”s are snob and angry.
Is this a wrong conclusion?
No. Since experience teaches you that a certain group of people behave a certain way.
Is it a logical general perspective?
No. Since not all “ate”s are from your area and unless you have spoken to and dealt with every “ate” in existence, your bias is most likely incorrect from a general and objective perspective.

What is my point?
1. Yes, I am a female gamer and competing in Class B, A, G or S won’t change that fact.
2. I wish female gamers know that what they do is a reflection of the whole. If the majority act like attention-whoring amazons, people will most likely think that all of us are like that as well, so girl gamers should be mindful of their words and actions.
3. Being generalized and discriminated as a “girl gamer” is no different from “Peenoise”, or “Bisaya” to connote inferiority (a person from Luzon said it was something like a slang to them to refer to someone of lesser status) and it is a result of cultural programming to categorize people into labeled boxes. There’s nothing we can do about who or what we are.

TLDR: If you’re a gamer who happens to be female, don’t take the label “gamer girl” too seriously unless it’s a harmful personal attack. Their opinions are not facts. You know your own actions.